The Specialist Works has purchased The Response Team and its divisions: i-transact, TRT Connect, TRT Direct and TRT Media Sales. Combining the two organisations makes The Specialist Works the most complete and accountable agency for driving online response through offline channels.

The Response Team is now part of The Specialist Works. Together we have created the complete performance marketing agency. Better offline/online attribution. More scalable media. More customers.

The Response Team, including TRT Direct, TRT Connect, TRT Media Sales and i-transact is now part of The Specialist Works.

With the acquisition of The Response Team, The Specialist Works now offers the most complete and accountable agency for driving online response through offline channels.

The new, expanded TSW’s mission is to help companies that sell direct to the consumer grow their marketing spend with confidence.

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If you sell goods or services online, you need:

  • To drive scalable numbers to your website or app at a controlled cost.
  • and to measurably reduce drop-off at every point in that journey, increasing ROI per marketing £ spent.
  • Every agency SHOULD do this – but there’s a gap in the market for an agency that DOES

What does your ideal eCommerce agency look like?

  1. Combine the smartest TV planning brand with the most innovative TV creative brand in one company.
  2. Create the undisputed ‘owner’ of parcel inserts market in the UK – allied to the biggest - and by a long way best - inserts agency.
  3. Between us, grow iTransact into the powerhouse of internet Point of Sale (iPOS) advertising, simultaneously creating and grabbing the UK market for digital display that actually works.
  4. Integrated specialist teams in media channels: mobile, TV, print and digital, complemented by brilliant DR creative thinking and data insight.
  5. If you spend £1m - £10m on marketing to drive direct transactions, there is no agency better set up to service your needs

If you’d like to discuss how you can generate more profit from your business, call Martin Woolley on 020 7539 6121, email martinwoolley@thespecialistworks.com