Personar: targeting by personality type

Boost creative performance by double-digit percentages. Find out what your customers engage with, how they make decisions and how to communicate with them

The power to engage

Knowledge is power. Now you can know how your customers think. The type of information they are drawn to. The way they make decisions.

Now you can tailor creative to appeal to different groups of customers and new prospects.


There are 16 different Personar animals, each representing a unique set of personality traits. We can tell you which are the most important for your business.

Your customer database can be subdivided in multiple ways. For example, some people make decisions with their heart (emotion), others their head (rationale). We can tell you which customers fall into each category and how to communicate with each group for maximum impact.

84% more clicks

One business increased their click-through-rate by 84% using Personar.

Source: TSW client data

23.85% more opens

Up-market furniture retailer Multiyork increased their email open rate by 23.85% by sending a rationale-vital email to the rationale customers on their database. 

Source: TSW client data

Epic results

Communicating with current customers should be the most profitable bit of marketing you do. Personar is proven to produce huge increases in engagement and action. It’s measurable and it works.

5-second case studies

Meningitis Research Foundation increased their donations from rationale givers by 15% and emotion donors by 25%.

The charity sent DM packs to their current database:

  • The emotion group responded to a heart-breaking story and felt compelled to give
  • The rationale group were convinced by quick-fire stats and infographics that showed what their donation could do

Significantly, test groups gave less when they were sent the pack that wasn’t designed for them.

How does it work?

Personar is a ground-breaking national attitudinal database for media/data planning and creative communications. You can split your audience into 16 different personality types and target them separately with different creative executions. This leads to a huge boost in performance as you can tailor headlines, calls-to-action, visuals and more to a customer base made up of different thought processes and motivations.

Testimonials or stats?

Personar tells you which people gain trust from testimonials and which ignore them. When numbers help and when they harm response. Which visuals are most or least effective for different types of people.

Only 4

Personar types account for 69% of the UK gambling population


of Brits who earn over £100K are Lions (even though Lions only make up 13% of the population)

Specialist media delivery, focused on your objectives

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